Scattered Seeds

They Speak for the Truffula XII

Eden recognizes Mary, and goes to check on her.

Mary begins to wake up.  It takes her time to focus, but she eventually recognizes Eden leaning over her, and when she's finally up she recognizes Phoenix on the gurney.  Too late to change course, though:  the container is loaded onto the ship and the ship departs.

They check on Phoenix, who seems to be in pretty good shape, and is kept asleep by a regular drip of Ceftatecan Finastone.

Mary doesn't say anything, but the last time she saw armor like Tennan is wearing was during the rebellion on her station (Station 7; she's known as Mary Riley 7).

Dominé wakes up and struggles some.  Cal fishes through the medical supplies on the gurney and comes up with an injection of a sedative named Invanazole, which he things can be used to keep someone unconscious.  He doses Dominé with enough of it to keep him asleep for about 3 days, but not before Dominé somehow manages to trigger his hand comp to send a transmission.  Cal can't stop the transmission, and he can't decrypt it, but he is able to use the eavesdropping tech he's acquired to check routing codes and so forth, and deduces that the message was being relayed to some location in orbit.  Eventually he gets enough information from the handcomp to find that "Operation Vengeful Dance is underway" and that "Vengeful Dance" seems to be an operation to divert a shipment of liquid hydrogen leaving Reef City to the genetic research station at Narsaq and blow it up.  Shipments C5 through C9 were potential targets.

I believe Phoenix also is awake by this time.

They contact BSI, who says they will vector ships to destroy any shipment that veers off-course, but can't do anything at this time to board a shipment.

The team calls the bridge and speaks with a man who identifies himself as captain Azat Toros, but who's wearing Third Officer's insignia.  Terry Madsen, who's face is familiar from the resort in Reef City, is standing behind him.



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