Scattered Seeds

They speak for the Truffula VIIi

Dominé and Phoenix proceed like this is an ordinary romantic getaway, though they both probably know better.  They're in a large suite in one of the major hotels in the tourist area of the city.  Phoenix has a bad dream about the bug in her arm spreading blue spider-webs across her skin.  She discusses the dream with Dominé.  The week proceeds uneventfully, and he asks her to go to party on their last night, hosted by Nal Underwood, who is important in the city for some reason.

Cal and Eden find a couple staying in a room nearby who seem not to be regular tourists and keep an eye on them.  Eden encounters the woman of the couple coming out of Phoenix and Dominé's room, and confronts her; Cal comes quickly and there's a minor physical altercation, but the woman (named Nellie Razen) escapes downstairs.  Cal and Eden investigate Phoenix and Dominé's room and find a medical scanner capable of identifying Phoenix's bug device, so they disable it.  They break into Nellie's room and find some fancy communications equipment which they disable and an (empty) gun-case that seems like maybe it held a sniper rifle.

Cal and Eden study the area around the party, and decide on a couple places where an assasin might hide.  They go there early, and sure enough discover someone hiding in the structures holding up a set of signs over the street.  They call the police, who surround the area, but are unable to capture the person before they use a handgun to blow out a nearby window and enter the adjoining building.

Cal goes around and enters the bank building in an attempt to cut off or investigate the other potential sniper location, while Eden waits on a rooftop near the apartment where the party is being held to watch events.

Phoenix and Dominé come out of the train station and have to detour through the nearby streets to get around the police cordon.  They fail to see Eden watching them.



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