Scattered Seeds

They Speak for the Truffula X

Phoenix is taken to the local hospital, and she's there in a medically induced coma.  The police have kept her under guard and basically have only let Dominé see her.  Strangely, though it was thought destroyed during the attack, her implanted bug begins broadcasting again, at least until her hand-comp runs out of power.

Cal and Eden send word to Sara about the situation, and they hear back that they should investigate, but that they should avoid talking to Sev Derstine, and they won't be "on the clock": though they'll be paid as part of a "black op," the whole thing will be entirely deniable and won't be officially a mission.

Cal also spends some time figuring out how to use the communication equipment they found in Nellie and Terry's room.  He doesn't find much data, but he finds lots of hacking and eavesdropping tools and oblique evidence that the pair has been gathering a lot of data about New Greenland in general, and also things like shipping routes in the Hive system.

Tennan arrives with Fos, the large warrior-type from BSI.  She tells them that BSI has gotten wind of Dominé's involvement in things relating to the Humming Fish, and they want the team's assistance in taking care of the problem:  they are to capture Dominé and get him to Upermavik, and they should bring Phoenix back with them.  Tennan takes care of getting Phoenix out of the hospital while Cal and Eden watch Dominé's movements and break into his apartment while he's out.  There is a brief encounter with a Rast named Ben Kidd who accuses Dominé of having sexually assaulted a housekeeping worker, but Cal and Eden convince him to leave them alone.  When Dominé comes back there is a brief scuffle, and then they put him unconscious in a box and take him to an arranged location where a shipping container is waiting.  Shortly thereafter, Tennan arrives with a frightened medical team who are pushing Phoenix along on a gurney.  They all get in the container, have it moved to a new location, and wait to be taken away as "cargo"…



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