Tennan Ordiernos


Extraordinarily beautiful, tall, athletic, but her face marred by obvious enhancements that border on the slightly grotesque or disturbing. She can hide these for a time and modify her appearance to a certain extent at will using her nanotechnology.
5. Engineering
4. Energy Weapons
4. Bureaucracy
3. C/T: Roanoke, Mwenye, The Hive, Reich V
3. Pilot
3. Stealth
2. Resolve
2. Stamina
2. Aircraft
2. Computer
1. Brawling
1. Demolitions
1. EVA
1. Gunnery
1. Repair

Health: 4
Composure: 4
Wealth: 3

Programmable (2): Learn any skill at 5 for the duration of the session. Nanotech figure: She can use Stealth to disguise her enhancements and her general appearance using nanotech and given time.
Born a Blackmire orphan. Designed for manipulation. Navy gear-head. Raw political talent. Intrigued by the dangerous. Crisis manager. A traveller and not a settler. The frission of contact. Radicalized. A player of games.
Growing Up:
Like all the glittering ones, Tennan was “born” on Roanoke in a creche: an automated embryo incubation and child rearing facility; specifically Blackmire Creche. Her early years were spent under the care of the automated biotech systems. These systems are designed to nurture and develop the individual to the fullest extent, but they (of course) completely starve the child for actual human contact. She left the facility at the required age of fourteen destined for a life in the technical services. During this time she grew her basic implants herself under the remote tutelage of her instructors. Born a Blackmire orphan. Designed for manipulation.
Starting Out:
When she left the creche, she moved into her intended permanent habitat: an isolated near-surface home close to one of the ports used by the ships of the Roanoke navy. The home was called “River-rock”, and the nearby port the “Outriders Gateway”. She started work with the navy, building and maintaining and flying ships. She had to work in the same physical space with other people, something she had started with a little in Blackmire, which is designed to produce people who can succeed being in the same physical room with other people, something sometimes necessary in ship-work. She excelled at her job, and developed an aptitude not just for the technical work, but for some of the ruthless political maneuvering needed to keep the navy in business. Navy gear-head. Raw political talent.
Moment of Crisis:
In recent years, as the threat from the outside has become more prominent, the navy spent a lot of time interdicting incoming and outgoing ships and managing relationships with the Ports of Entry. She was assigned as a pilot and negotiator to this work, and she spent quite a lot of time working with outsiders, many of whom she came to like. During this time she also learned necessary shipboard and personal combat skills. She eventually met the LG team, and was impressed, especially by Phoenix and Eden. She was already a moderate, but tangling with them led her to believe that maybe the radicals were right. Intrigued by the dangerous. Crisis manager.
Surprising even herself, she decided to sign on to the LG team and head out to see the rest of the cluster. She never intended to spend significant portions of her life outside, but she found out in many ways she relished it. Even the thought of living in close personal quarters with others is an intriguing, if sometimes disturbing, reality. A traveller and not a settler. The frission of contact.
On Your Own:
For months now she has been living and traveling with the LG team around the cluster, and she’s learned a lot about how the factions in the outside world work. And she’s become gradually radicalized: she thinks that Roanoke should be offering help to the benighted (at the very least as an object lesson), not just building a wall and stagnating, and she’s come to despair of how the council is proceeding. Radicalized. A player of games.


Tennan Ordiernos

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