Street smart, charming, knows when to pull the guns out (no matter how much she would rather talk it out)


1) Can do no wrong
2) Been an untouchable
3) Has seen it all
4) Can make Lemonade out of Oranges
5) Immediate Gratification
6) The risk is worth the reward
7) One foot up, one foot down
8) I’m a badass
9) Naively optimistic – starry eyed
10) Working for a purpose

Phoenix has skill with energy weapons, however prefers to use her charm, which surpasses most. She has been through rough times which have jaded her significantly and although she wants to trust people (and have everyone just get along damn-it!) she has seen enough to know that trust is dangerous.


Born on Lorax and watched her world slowly collapse her parents couldn’t care for her and she was sent away to live with distant relatives. She felt abandoned and alone. Although she valued Lorax ideals, she didn’t feel at home there anymore and became a stow away to get to Crystal 9 where she was taken in and educated by a wealthy family. She wanted to travel so she worked and saved enough to go exploring. She ended up on Tesla where she found a job among the upper class.

However she was drawn to the lower class, which resulted in heavy gambling and drug use. On a side trip to Mwenye she met Berko and brought him “home” with her, showing him the ways of the underworld. She had a streak of luck and won big, a ship and a ton of money. She later met Two who and experienced what violence brings. This caused her to straighten out and try to find a good use for her ship in order to do some good, but only after blowing most of her money. In her travels and dive into the lower classes she dated a large handful of men, not all of whom she remembers (Cal being one of them)

She began traveling to find her purpose, getting into a few scrapes along the way until she was contacted by the Starfish Mandala Corporation. She was promised that using her ship and taking the job would do good for for humanity… so far she has not seen that promise come to fruition.


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