Kala Rados

Red hair, green eyes, not very tall


Health: 4
Composure: 4
Wealth: 3

Charm 4
Culture / Tech 3: (Lorax, Tesla, The Hive, New Greenland)
Slug Throwers 3
Resolve 2
Profession: Revolutionary Terrorist 2
Oratory 2
Stamina 1
Pilot 1
Stealth 1
Agility 1

Intensely Sexual, Fanatical, Extremely Dangerous, Plugged In

MG Slug Throwers, Lucky, Not Engineered: +2 Defense against any attack (or healing attempt) of any sort that involves biotech.


Kala is a member of the Humming Fish Collective, and was trying to start some sort of revolution on Tesla. She was imprisoned, and was “rescued” by the team and delivered to an LG black site.

Kala Rados

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