Scattered Seeds

They speak for the Truffula VI

In which things go sideways...

Phoenix is on a date with Dominé, eating at a restaurant near the docks.  But he's spent much of the evening on the phone, and fifteen or twenty minutes ago disappeared towards the bathroom.  Convinced he's run off, she has a discussion with a sympathetic red-haired waitress named Marie James, from whom she hears that Dominé is in that particular restaurant with a different woman every few nights.  Then she sees her friends Cal and Eden go by, and decides to follow rather than hang around.

Cal and Eden walk with Halbar (the man the intimidated in the dance club) and he leads them up into a nearby service level.  Phoenix discovers that the other man (Sor-Em) is following them, but is unable get them to understand her urgent texts before Sor-Em fires at them from behind on the service level, badly injuring Eden.  A short, sharp fire-fight ensues, resulting in the deaths of both the Humming Fish Collective operatives.  But up ahead there's more gunfire and the sound of retreating, running feet, so the team rushes up to find Sasha, badly injured but saved by a plate in her skull that must be covering some of her wetware mods.

The team calls Steve, who comes with Sam and Helv (a Haraal), and helps them move Sasha to a clinic which will discreetly treat her injuries.  She's still conscious, and she tells them that a man named Dominé was with the Humming Fish operatives, and that he was the one who shot her.

The team decides that they need to track down and deal with Dominé as soon as possible



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