Scattered Seeds

They Speak for the Truffula V

Something unexpected...

Phoenix goes out on a date with someone she's recently met at the hotel bar.  So she's not in when Cal gets a call from Steve saying that Sasha was in some sort of trouble  She had taken her normal tram out towards the submarine port, but had dropped off the grid, and he was concerned.  He gives them two stations she might have gotten off at, on in a commercial area near the docks and one in a maintenance area nearby.  Cal and Eden set off to see what they can find.

Poking around the commercial area, they happen in a bar upon two people who seem out-of-place; they're wearing space-crew coveralls, and not really engaging as much as one might expect with the commerce of the area.

The two people eventually leave the bar, but seem to be aware that they're being followed and duck into a dance club.  One picks up a dance partner and moves out onto the floor, while the other drinks alone at the bar.  Cal listens in, and Eden approaches the one at the bar.  The one on the dance floor eventually disappears into the bathrooms for a while, and Cal picks up some chatter between someone in the area saying things like "she's waking up" and "we need to get her to Dominé soon, where are you two?"  One is named Halbar.

Eventually, Eden and Cal manage to intimidate Halbar into taking them to their co-conspirators, and they begin moving along the street to do this.  They have convinced him that they are with humming fish; he asks them about "group 6"



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