Scattered Seeds

They Speak for the Truffula IV

The team huddles in Omar's Pharmaceuticals, trying to blend in by perusing Omar's wares.  After some discussion, Eden calls their contact with BSI again, and hands the phone to Phoenix.  The voice on the other end of the line reports that officers are on the way, although their search via drone did not find any know Human Potential agents in the area.

Cal keeps listening, and gets the sense that someone in the area is using a very powerful receiver / transmitter.  As the call with the BSI agents goes on, the different signals he's been tracking all disperse from the area.

Soon the area outside the shop is flooded with police officers in body armor.  They sort through everyone checking ID, and end up arresting a couple of folks with outstanding warrants, but don't find anyone who seems associated with Human Potential.

After a while, the team heads back to their hotel.  Soon after they arrive, there's  knock at the door, and they open the door to see the man in the hoodie who had been tracking them.  Eden pulls him inside and shuts the door.  He seems very nervous, and asks to sit down.  (Cal notes that he is transmitting data out of the room, and under questioning he admits he's transmitting voice and video for his own safety.)  His speech is halting and nervous, and overall they get the impression he's a little "off".  One of his eyes is obviously a technological construct, and he has surgery scars all over his face and scalp.  He says he's "Steve", a member of the Blue Gang, that his friend Sasha has been tracking them ever since Cal arrived, since Cal is obviously enhanced.  They're worried that Human Potential doesn't like them, and may want to do them harm, because of their enhancements.  Also that BSI (the Bureau of Special Investigations), which is the organization that contacted the team about working to help against Human Potential; they have a member named Sam(antha) who works in BSI.  After more questioning, the team allows him to leave.  He gives them contact information for himself and Sasha.  The Blue Gang members are moddies, a term you haven't heard before, but they all seem to have cybernetic modifications.

The team then has a long discussion of whether or not to just leave, or to go through with helping BSI.  (With asides to discuss Cal's new modifications.)  They decide to help out, and negotiate a setup with BSI where Human Potential will be informed about them and their affiliation with a "large, cluster-wide corporation."  Tennan and Cal will work with the police, and they are hooked into the police communication networks and given licenses to carry firearms temporarily.  Tennan is issued armor and weapons; she will be with the on-site team, while Cal works behind the scenes.  The police have assets in place who can give them an hour or so's warning of when Human Potential will act, and they think they will know basically what the plan is, though of course they don't have complete control over the situation.



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