Scattered Seeds

They Speak for the Truffula II

In which they act like tourists...

Phoenix, Eden, and Tennan dock on High Fjord.  The station is a large, spindle-shaped asteroid that has been spun up to provide artificial gravity in the tunnels inside; it is home to about 1.5M people.  The docking array sits at the end, staying still relative to the system for ease of docking.

After customs checks they wander the ring of the station closest to the docks, and eventually settle to eat at Haraal Marid’s Noodles.  Marid is a relatively genial man, and despite the fact that he doesn’t seem to believe the group are just ordinary traders out on the town, he talks with them extensively about New Greenland, it’s history, peoples, etc.  They learn that some 1800 years ago there was some sort of split over religious differences and the more religions portions of the Haraal people moved off, mostly settling in Veranda.  Subsequently the New Geenland government has banned all forms of religion and religions activity.

Marid repeated urges the group to go see the High Fjord municipal museum.  He offers the contact information for his cousin Suuraad who lives in one of the surface cities as a local guide should the group want to visit the surface.  He recommends the Port Club as a place where business is done and deals are made for traders; also the James Bar, Sophie’s Strip Club, and the shows at the Sarapin.



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