Scattered Seeds

They Speak for the Truffula XXIV

Expeditionary group TX-6 watches as the craft (Tennan calls it a gravity injector or the gravity needle) launches from Thneed's moon and begins to accelerate towards the slip-knot.  After some discussion, they rush to the Snake Eyes and rush off in pursuit, but they're about 4 hours behind when it exits the system.  Sensor sweeps during the 2-day journey indicate that maybe about 10% of the craft is occupied, meaning that there may be about 150 people on-board.  Sensors and telescopes indicate that the needle has numerous torpedo launchers and magazines (16-20), and 30-40 LOS turrets, of unknown type.  The engine signature is something the team hasn't seen before.
So they continue to follow, and by the time they get to Crystal 9, the area near the slip-knot is a mess, with multiple hot, radioactive clouds of debris traveling along the last paths that defense ships were once accelerating.  The slip-knot station is no longer maintaining spin gravity, and has sustained major damage.  Just as they enter the system, they see the needle jump back out.  They take about an hour to re-orient, and head back out themselves.  Crystal 9 system security is busy and does only cursory verification of their identity.
When they get to the New Greenland system, there seems to have been no battle.  The needle is gone, but it's passage seems to have been without the violence in Crystal 9, maybe because it was only there for a few minutes to reorient, and maybe because the New Greenlanders didn't immediately challenge it.
After 1/2 an hour to reorient, EG TX-6 takes the Snake Eyes through into the Reich V system.  It looks like the needle has just finished reorienting itself and is burning hard for the north slip-knot, and the naval forces of the system are moving to intercept.  Cal talks with the local military, warning them of what happened in Crystal 9, but the Reichians are determined to resist.  A couple of days in, the Reich V ships begin to engage, and are mostly destroyed easily by the needle.  Two of the (three) known reich dreadnoughts engage, and one is able to get in a couple of minor hits on the craft before it is destroyed by a salvo of torpedoes.  The other one limps away with major damage.  After this the Reich navy keeps its distance.
Shortly after the needle crosses the plane of the ecliptic, five ships come out of stealth between the needle and the north slip-knot, and it soon becomes apparent that they belong to the Roanokians.  They trade fire with the needle, but neither of them seems to have the upper hand.  Eventually, Eden is able to analyze the Roanoke ships' behavior and determine that they're probably moving in for boarding, and are probably intending to capture the ship intact, so they can take the weapon with them.
The team tight-beams the needle itself, and talk to a man who identifies himself as the captain, an attractive older, bald man named Michael Grave.  He claims not to be worried; he's simply going to activate the needle's weapon if they get too close.
They talk with the remaining dreadnought captain, a man named Reitzhof.  He's drinking heavily and looks very unhappy, and he isn't made any happier by Cal's reports of what the needle may be capable of.  He agrees maybe they can get some messages out the south slip-knot if necessary and ask any ships with are able to leave to actually do so, but evacuation of the system's population simply isn't possible.
Tennan communicates with the Roanokians and directs Phoenix to put them near one of the approaching Roanoke ships, which makes them vulnerable to any fire between the ship and the needle, but she claims will offer protection when the gravity injector operates.
And then they begin to debate what to do next…

They Speak for the Truffula XXII

Along their pre-determined flight path, the team decides that their best course of action is to alert the planet's high-port station of the situation.  They tight-beam the station and eventually get ahold of Security Chief Jameson, who, though stunned, reacts quickly to get the station alerted.
A brief exchange of fire with line-of-sight weapons commences.  The station manages, surprisingly, to destroy the other two incoming shuttles, with station gunner Bob Stewart (who's real job is mostly asteroid defense with the LOS weapons), and Shaya working together to take them out.  The team stays out of trouble for the most part, but the Snake Eyes takes a minor hit that holes the main crew compartments; the damage won't affect the ship's performance but repairs will be required before the crew quarters can be occupied without a vacuum suit.
The team talks with Jameson, and he has prepared some sort of ambush near the Sector 4 access hatches.  They convince their control, who apparently is on-board the station and is some sort of fifth-columnist, that this is where they will begin their attack.  They make an intentionally bad approach, and they fix it so that the assault airlocks won't fully open.  Mary gives a demoralizing speech to the soldiers on board.
They hold position near the airlocks while most of the soldiers on board head out to be killed by Jameson's hastily-arranged defenses, then when the remaining soldiers threaten to scuttle the shuttle, they set the autopilot of the shuttle and jump off, letting them destroy it as it flies away.  Inside the station, there is some fighting between station security and the fifth-columnists, so Eden and Phoenix help suppress the resistance as the others retreat.
Several hours of debriefs and other actions later, someone in the security readiness center starts cursing, and they put some telescopic video feeds up on the big screens.  There, the team sees the "weapon" on Thneed's moon launch, a huge semicircular portion of the moon's surface detaching, and some sort of craft emerging.  It looks like an elongated mushroom with a cap about 3KM wide and a narrow stalk about 30KM long, and it begins to maneuver surprisingly quickly out of Thneed's gravity well.

They Speak for the Truffula XXI

Eden goes out in the cold drizzle for s fun. The evergreen leaves of the local trees are constantly dripping.

Cal continues to scan the area for radio transmissions, and discovers that Stephen is transmitting some sort of high-technology output every 30 minutes, and further discovers that at noon a lower-tech burst of data goes out via tight beam to a satellite.  It becomes clear that Tennan has bugged him in a similar way to how she once bugged Phoenix, to track his movements and surroundings.


The team goes on towards Mcgelligots Pool, a four or five day journey.  On the fourth day, they begin getting an indication of much higher radio chatter around the planet, significant enough that Shay calls them from the ship in orbit to register that she's noticed it.  It's not clear what's going on; rumors are flying about Thneed, but not much is known.  Then the team is startled, while stretching their legs around lunchtime, by the low overflight of a supersonic shuttle, heading in the direction they're going.  So they decide to press on, hoping to find out where it was going.

Mcgelligots Pool is surrounded by a ring of low hills, the result of some ancient meteor impact, maybe.  They climb the hills on the road, and from the crest they can see the lights of a village on the shores of a lake, wrapped in fog in the evening, and lights stretching out near the shore of the lake in a long runway.

They proceed down the slope of the hill, and on the flat they are stopped at a checkpoint, a pair of stone blockhouses with a barrier across the road.  People dressed in fatigues and carrying modern weapons stop them, and Cal has some discussion with them.  The man Cal speaks with calls in for instructions, and a young acolyte is sent out to escort them in.  He climbs into the ATV to assist and sits down next to Phoenix.

It turns out that he is, in fact, Eric Reid Bear, Phoenix's cousin.  Their reunion is short, though, as the need to move on is pressing, and Eric takes them past the guard-post.  In passing, Eden notes that each blockhouse is topped by a large Fusor, a mounted energy weapon used as a antiaircraft or antitank weapon.

Eric takes them on a fork in the road towards the landing strip, where Brother Amos is supposed to be working.  He explains that something big is happening, that the Brotherhood will be making everything right like it is supposed to be, though details aren't really forthcoming (maybe he doesn't know them).

As they get closer to the airstrip they cross a low rise and see the shuttle parked, with many people scurrying around it.  It seems like a military-style assault shuttle, holding maybe 150 – 200 troops with basic gear, and it seems like it's being loaded with people.

The team decides that they're better off getting Eric out of the way instead of going to see Brother Amos, and their goal seems to be to hijack the shuttle for their own purposes.

Tennan uses some nanotech to make him cooperative, and he explains where they can get some uniforms, and some information about the command structure and personnel at the airstrip.  They leave the ATV parked in the woods, and then acquire the uniforms to dress as soldiers of the Brotherhood, and they find out from him that the shuttle crew will be starting preflight checks in an hour, and will likely be waiting in the "lounge," which is a small building that serves as a commissary near the edge of the landing strip.  The shuttle pilot is Sister Tabatha Faun, the co-pilot Brother Jeremy Small, and the first officer Brother Fred James.

Tennan withdraws the nanotech from Eric, in the process leaving him unconscious and without memories of the intervening minutes, and with a large simulacrum of a bruise spreading across the back of his neck and head.


They speak for the Truffula XX

After leaving Red Wall, the team goes on to Pine Cliffs, where they meet with Sally Merson.  It's the rainy season, and the something under the ATV is groaning badly.  They repair the ATV after arriving at Pine Cliffs and talking with Sally.  She's short and with a blond ponytail; her neighbor (and partner) is Sam.  Her antenna is mounted high on the cliff-side.  They don't learn much else about the town except that it seems to thrive by using (somewhat) modern firearms to hunt the local wildlife.  They seem to preserve (via smoking) a lot of it, and maybe sell a fair amount.


As an aside, we learn a little more about the planets of Lorax.  Inside the habitable zone of the star, the outermost world is called Unless, and is the only world still in fully habitable shape.  The next in towards the star is Once, and the closes to the is Thneed.  Some people (at least) know of the troublemakers or radicals who live on Thneed's moon, and locally they seem to be called Thneed Moonies.


Sally doesn't know too much about the Thneed Moonies, but she suggests that there are more radical Truffula Priests around, people who have developed the Truffula worship into a dogma.  There is a large group of them living near Mcgelligots Pool.


The team moves on to Blue Lake, which is larger than any other town they have encountered recently, housing 500-700 people.

They meet up with Phoenix's family; they meet Samson and his new wife Jackie Riverrun, who has a job repairing the machinery in the town's only grist mill.

They learn that cousin Eric Reid moved to Mcgelligots Pool some time ago.

Linda isn't doing very well; after some nanotech tests they diagnose her with Myasthenia Gravis.  They decide that she can live well on long-term medication, and they order some to be delivered (eventually).


Saying good-bye to the family, they move on towards Mcgelligots Pool.  On the way, they pass through the town of Sand Hole, where they encounter a Truffula Priest wearing ochre robes and preaching to the young people of the town.  He introduces himself as Stephen Long or Brother Red, and he invites them to stay in his home. 

He lives in a U-shaped dwelling with lots of gardens with his Truffula Wife Sister Edith, and with Brother Kevin and Sister Small.  Edith is the primary gardener, and grew up in a small fishing village many miles from here.  All the rooms of the house can be opened via roll-up wooden shutters to the interior courtyard, though most are closed today on account of the cold rain.

Stephen tells them that if they're looking for information on how to be more useful to the Truffula movement, they should talk to Father James at Mcgelligots Pool, but if they're interested in cleansing themselves of sin there they should talk to Brother Amos.

They have an enjoyable dinner, and retire to bed.  Phoenix spends some time with Sister Small, and then end up going to bed together.

After Stephen goes off to bed, Cal explores the house a little.  He finds three paintings of interest, especially one of a bleak landscape with an enormous moon.

Mary spends time having a late-night firelight conversation with Sister Edith.  They find that Stephen is often absent for months, and she's worried.  He spends a lot of time in his seed room as well.

Cal scans the neighborhood for electronic noise and finds some encrypted transmissions for a nearby source.

Phoenix has a dream about her blue stuff spreading to sister small and then to a nightmare, scarecrow Stephen, killing him.

She goes to check on on Stephen; he's alive and fine.  She sees, or maybe imagines that she sees, a tiny blue light on his neck, which fades from view as she's looking at it.

They Speak for the Truffula XVIII - XIX

The team sends a message on to New Greenland informing them of what they've found out, and also back to their leadership.  Then they decide to proceed with their R&R, so they contact Phoenix's family.  They dock at the high port above the system's main garden world and transfer down to the interface city via commercial shuttle.

The interface city is in fact the only real "city" on the planet, and the only one that contains high technology and that really welcomes outsiders.  They spend a few days preparing.  Phoenix's parents (Linda Ladybug and Bradford Bear) live in the town of Blue Lake, about 3600 miles away across the planet's main continent, about three weeks of travel by ATV over dirt roads.  They rent and stock a 6-wheeled ATV with room to sleep six, and Cal buys a large quantity of trade goods and trinkets to take with them.  They are allowed to take a single personal weapon each, but not their high-tech armor.

The most common religion on the planet is Truffula worship, where large Truffula Trees are planted in the centers of villages, and are used in some ways like may poles for various festivals and celebrations.

The planet has some high-tech communications; each sizable village has a communal satellite uplink, and probably also a communally owned ATV for long-distance travel, though livestock are the most common means of medium-distance transport.

They travel slowly, stopping to visit local villages whenever they can, but eventually reach the town of Red Wall (situated in a narrow gap through a wall of red rock that separates a wide area of foothills from a long high-altitude valley filled with alpine forests and farming communities), which is about 3 days travel from Blue Lake.  There they look up Phoenix's uncle Silas Mariner, her mother's second cousin, and they're directed out to the Cliff Homestead where he lives with his logging team and family.


At the Cliff Homestead they meet Silas Mariner, his sister Rochelle Mariner (who isn't a lumber-worker, and lives with Silas, and has a leg injury, and who "used to live down in the green terrace lands", by which she seems to mean the foothills, where some terrace farming takes place), and his (current?) wife Jennie Walker.  Apparently there's a previous (or other?) wife named Sara Risel who lives down in one of the valley towns with her and Silas's kids.

They hear a lot of family news.  Her folks seem ok, but Linda is continuing to have problems related to aging.  Phoenix's younger brother Samson Ladybug (this is a matrilineal society) seems to be doing well.  Phoenix apparently once had a fight in which she attached her cousin Eric Reid Bear with a stick.

Cal persistently maintains a persona that might lead someone to believe he was a Humming Fish sympathizer.  Eventually they tease out some clues or contacts, like Tara Walker, who is Jennie's sister and who apparently has been off world, and who knows things like there are people living out there in the stars with computers in their heads.  Rochelle definitely seems suspicious of technology, while Silas seems to disapprove of the attitude and Jennie is quiet or ambivalent.  They also hear about the Jemson Boys, who apparently are "techsters," whatever that means.


The next day they track down the Jemsons, where they find a family farmstead (they are ranchers) where the father has built a homemade long distance radio tower and local WIFI-type setup.  Apparently the Jemsons believe some sorts of technology are ok, and they got plans and materials for the tower and built it themselves.  It is a member of a wide-spread but thin data network that spreads across the planet.  The father's name is Frank.  He tells them that maybe Sally Merson, off the road at Pine Cliffs, owns one of the towers and might have a lot more information for them.  He will send an introduction over the data net.  They stay with the Jemsons long enough for Cal to learn to interpret, send, and receive data related to the data net.

They Speak for the Truffula XVII

Cal calls Sasha to say good-bye and wish her well, tell her they're leaving.

The crew departs High Fjord, releasing the docking clamps and starting off on slow maneuvering thrusters, falling away from the spinning station.

They begin a slow intercept course, and intend to be just behind their target at the south slip-knot in about 8 days.  They proceed under full stealth.  During the trip Cal is making detailed reports.  They are able to track the target ship through their own experimental biologically-based sensor systems.

The Snake Eye's stealth systems include radar-transparent composites, visual camouflage, thruster masking, and most importantly a biological heat sink.  The heat sink should (probably) be dumped before a jump, so it's not really easy to maintain full stealth when exiting a system.

During one of her rounds, Phoenix discovers Tennan is interfacing somehow with the biotech environment systems. Eventually they have a discussion about this, and Tennan says she's trying to learn about the Hive's technology by interfacing with and improving it.  She wants to know some things about the ship's history, so they do some digging, but don't come up with much more than that the ship's previous owner was Bill Baxter, and that he was originally from Reich V.

Some days after her tinkering, the environmental system is preforming much less erratically, up to about 15% above its nominal specifications.

They follow the target ship through the slip-knot to Crystal 9, and after 1 day of reorientation they seem to be turning around and heading for Lorax.

But unfortunately the Snake eyes is noticed by station security at Crystal 9's slip-knot station, and they are identified on a broadcast channel.  They explain via tight-beam that they are LG, but they feel like they're stealthy approach has been blow.

As it nears the slip-knot, the enemy ship accelerates quickly, and station security communicates with snake eyes.  After some negotiation, the Crystal 9 military on the station make a show of force by firing a pair of missiles set up to just barely miss as the target ship exits the system.  The team transitions to Lorax.

In the Lorax system they enter stealthily and eventually determine that the target ship is headed to the moon of the innermost habitable planet; one of the ones that remains only barely habitable.

Tennan is very concerned, and tells the team that 6000+ years ago when the Roanoke civilization was building the ring, they plundered all the other systems for resources.  But the high-technology inhabitants of Lorax held them off for a while, and used their technology to develop some kind of weapon that could destroy slip-knot connections and other things.  They used it to destroy the south slip-knot from Lorax to Hive, and then some sort of mishap destroyed the ruin system entirely.  But Tennan is pretty sure that the weapon made it back to the Lorax system and still exists on that moon.

They Speak for the Truffula XVI

Sev Derstein isn't answering calls from the team.  Cal tries to work the bureaucratic angle, and talks with the office managing secretary, Corporal Patrick McClaren, but McClaren stonewalls.  Cal lodges a formal protest, but expects it to mostly result in future repercussions, not current help.

The team does some digging, and comes up with the fact that Sev has been repeatedly seeing a professional Dom named Mirabell Stagg.  They spoof her number and call his personal phone, and finally get him on the line.  They put Sev and the manager from the local harbor control office on the line together, and eventually are able to convince the harbor official to release the hold on the ship, and they are free to get underway, though they've maybe made a permanent enemy of Sev.

They Speak for the Truffula XV

Someone on the outside of the ship's airlock identifies herself as Agent Narwa of the BSI naval patrol ship the Emerging Majority.  The team opens the airlock, and the BSI agents check over the submarine and administer emergency medical care.  They are given cabins, food, and clean clothing.  About 12 hours later they arrive at Upermavik, where they are taken to a large BSI office.  On the way there, there is some kind of commotion.  The team can't hear what is said, but it sounds like Sev Derstine's voice talking with the BSI agents.

There is an extended period of debriefing, after which the Maral (the BSI agent who originally met with the team) takes them aside and shows them information indicating that the message that Dominé sent out was tight-beamed to an unknown ship at a specific location in the system.  The ship appears to be fairly stealthy, and has begun moving very slowly towards the slip know.  Maral asks the team to take the Snake Eyes and pursue, primarily to gather intelligence on where they're going and why.

So early the next morning, the team packs up and heads to the surface on a BSI special submarine equipped with a shuttle craft, which takes them up to High Fjord.  They hire a gunner for the crew (skill 5; a Haraal woman named Shaya Quasim who is a retired gunnery sergeant in the (small) New Greenland navy, and who's job was training militia members in ship's gunnery.  They meet her in a bar in High Fjord, and eventually everyone meets up at the Snake Eyes.

But while checking everything for departure, Phoenix finds a "security hold" has been placed on their departure.  She calls into station control, and eventually gets a supervisor on the line who explains that the Upermavik LG local office has filed paperwork disputing the ownership of the Snake Eyes, and that the ship won't be able to leave without clearing that throught the courts, which will take a few weeks.

They Speak for the Truffula XIV

The team clambers through the hatch into the main portion of the Consequence, and hangs a left, following signs for the emergency escape vessel.  Phoenix notes a couple of people disappearing around a corner ahead of them, and they proceed with some caution.  Where the corridor crosses the opening of the ship's galley, the Consequence's crew engages them in a crossfire, firing from behind makeshift barricades in the galley and from the far corner of the corridor.  Fos and Phoenix and (especially) Mary take damage, in the fight, but the the opposition is quickly eliminated.  The team begins cycling through the heavy airlock doors into the escape vessel, and as they do, Mary uses the internal cameras to see Terry working on the controls, and a dead body with a severed leg (severed by the airlock door?) on the floor in the crew compartment.

They cycle into the interior and Eden begins to advance towards the cockpit, using the dead body as a "meat shield."  But Terry has set up an auto-turret at the stern of the submarine, and it begins to fill the entire length of the submarine with ricocheting high-caliber slugs.

Mary distracts the turret and Eden finishes it off, while Phoenix advances on Terry in the cockpit, who's firing at them from the cockpit hatch.  In a hurry to finish him off, she twice uses her S.Cr.E.W, which . . . does the job but leaves the controls of the submarine, minimal though they are, a smoking ruin.

So Tennan manages to launch the submarine, but it has no power or steering, and it's clear from Terry's handcomp that he's triggered the Consequence to detonate.  So Mary hot-wires the thing, but electrocutes herself into unconsciousness to do so, and the submarine accelerates off, only to be caught and tossed end over end by the blast of the Consequence.  Phoenix revives Mary, and they are eventually caught and secured by the armed BSI craft the Emerging Majority.

They Speak for the Truffula XIII

The team continues their adventure aboard The Consequence, which is carrying fateful liquid hydrogen shipment C7.

Mary reads the "captain" the riot act about a "last minute crate", and after listening for a while, he hangs up.  She then checks her information about the ship and its crew, and although Azat Toros is supposed to be the captain, the ID photograph on the crew roster isn't the same as the man she just talked to.  The dossier shows Azat as a middle-aged Rast, but the man she just talked too is an unmodified, light-skinned human.  She also finds that the ship carries about 15 crew, but that 5 of the crew were replaced by last-minute substitutes at Upermavik and another 3 were replaced by last-minute substitutes at Reef City.

After a discussion, the team decides their best option is to find their way to the (required by regulations) emergency lifeboat submarine, exit, and then have BSI destroy the Consequence.  With this in mind, they exit the container.

Cal is concerned that the "captain" may send crew to investigate, so they decide to try and lure someone to the empty container by rigging up a strobe on its outside.  Then they make their way down out into the hold.

The submarine is like an elongated mushroom, with a large tapered bow-shroud covering the bridge and crew quarters and shielding a number of large liquid hydrogen tanks arranged around the center stalk.  Then an elongated (150') shaft mostly filled with mechanical space but with a cramped and not-very-straight central corridor for people, and a wider base which makes up the cargo hold and is surrounded by the six driving impellers and fuel containers, etc.

The cargo hold itself is basically a 400'-long cylinder at the base of the mushroom, with a huge hatch at the base end and a personnel hatch at the top end leading to the "stalk".  The hold is filled floor to ceiling with racks or shelving designed to hold 12' x 12' x 48' containers  The shelving is basically a 15' x 15' x 50' grid of girders with the long axis aligned with the long axis of the ship, and with the bottom girders basically a set of rails with rollers and breaking mechanisms so that containers can be slid in from the end.  There are ladders on each of the racks at both ends and at the center.  Visibility is very limited, and because of all the vertical drops caution is necessary.

They work their way along the girders towards the bow of the ship with Phoenix leading.  Just as they pass the center, they see lights up at the bow end of the hold.  They hide and wait as four people with head lamps move up the girders in the very middle of the hold and then climb up and over to the row the team is using, clearly heading for the strobe.  The team decides to let them by and heads for the end, but by the time they get to the personnel airlock the 4 lights have turned around and are heading back, and are only 150' away.

So Mary, using her knowledge of ships and racking systems, hot-wires the breaking systems on all the racks to release, and as the ship changes direction and speed and hits turbulence, the containers begin moving back and forth, crashing into one another and breaking free.  They see several crash together like runaway railway cars, sending shrapnel and frozen seafood through the hold and sending one of the people with head lamps down to the bottom of the hold.

Then the ship abruptly slows and accelerates, and all the containers crash against the rear hatch, smashing it open, with the team shutting the personnel hatch just in time to escape the deluge.  The hatch holds, but is leaking slowly.  The ship immediately begins to list, and shortly loses power and stops moving forward, and they press forward in the dark.

They enter the crew area, levering open the hatch manually, and they see signs pointing to the left-hand corridor to the lifeboat.  But Phoenix, heading up the party, also sees a couple of human shapes disappearing ahead of them down that corridor.


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